Mike Spencer Bown – The Worlds Most Travelled Man

Book Reviews

"A journey through the entertaining pages of Bown's The World's Most Travelled Man is a guaranteed antidote against becoming a jaded country counter. Spend some time traveling vicariously and learning why real travel is the key to understanding our world."

– Robert Young Pelton, author of the world's most dangerous places

"Twenty-three years, 195 countries and a single rucksack: that's what it takes to complete a travel bucket list. We've all got one and most of us probably won't be able to complete it; there are just too many incredible sights in the world. But one man has ticked off his entire list..."

– Rough Guides

The World's Most Travelled Man:
A Twenty-Three-Year Odyssey to and through Every Country on the Planet
will be available in October 2017 from Douglas & McIntyre.

The Worlds Most Travelled Man Book - Mike Spencer Bown